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Oh, let me tell you about these two young men, Giovanni and Vincenzo. They grew up together in Napoli, and their fathers were good friends. But life takes us all in different directions, and they both ended up in America. They lost touch for a while, but by the grace of God, they found each other again. Now, they're both in the hospitality business. Vincenzo's name is known all across Florida for his Fortunato's pizzerias and Verducci's. And Giovanni, he's had his own food businesses in Pennsylvania for years.

After some time, they decided to become partners and opened up Osteria Bricco. Osteria means great food, and that's exactly what they're serving up - homemade dishes that'll make your mouth water. And you know what's the best part? The prices won't make you break the bank.

These boys have a passion for food, and it shows in every dish they serve. So come on down to Osteria Bricco, where you'll feel like family and leave with a full stomach.